Evangelical Revivals

There are many books in this category which cover the entire range of Evangelical Revivals from the Reformation to the twentieth century. To help you find what you are looking for quickly and accurately we have categorised the Library into fourteen different sections.

The main sections are mostly historical periods to which we have added 'Revival Prayer,' 'The Theology of Revival' and 'Revival Sermons'. These include all texts that are already digitised and which are currently available.

The six main revival categories correspond with the six historical periods when there was a discernible and spontaneous worldwide awakening affecting substantial populations across different continents. These refer to the periods 1725►, 1792►, 1830►, 1857►, 1882►, and 1904►. For a better understanding of this classification read the Librarian's "Overview of Revival" on the Revival Library website.

The other historical sections are 'General Histories,' which are books presenting multiple revivals, 'Pre-1700 Revivals' which includes Biblical Revivals through to the Puritan era and '20th Century Revivals' which includes evangelical revivals from the Welsh Revival to the Hebrides Revival.  Any of these categories can be accessed by clicking the appropriate link on the left of this page or by using the 'e-Books' menu which appears at the top of every page in the shop.